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The Department of Geography Lecture Series features a variety of local, national and international speakers from across the full spectrum of the discipline. Lectures are Thursdays from noon-1pm in Saunders 443B, unless noted otherwise. All are welcome to attend.

For more information about the series please contact Qi Chen.

Fall 2013

September 19

Emotional-apps.com: a Start-up Blending Emotional Intelligence, Mobile Devices, and GIS Technology Lecture Flyer

Francisco Ramos

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Languages and Systems, University Jaume I

September 26

Estimation of surface heat fluxes and vegetation dynamics via assimilation of remotely sensed data Lecture Flyer

Sayed Bateni

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil & Enivornmental Engineering

October 10

The Toilet Tripod: Understanding Successful Toilet Adoption in Rural India Lecture Flyer

Elizabeth Louis

Postdoc, Texas A&M University

October 25

Plant community ecology goes underground: putting mycorrhizae on the map Lecture Flyer

Nicole Hynson

Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, UH Manoa

Spring 2013

Feb 7

Starting small but starting loud: Catalyzing community based management of small-scale fisheries in the Western Indian Ocean

Kirsten Oleson

Assistant Professor, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, UH Manoa


Book launch - The Case of the Green Turtle: An Uncensored History of a Conservation Icon

Alison Rieser

Professor, Department of Geography, UH Manoa

Feb 28

Forest and water in East Asia -In Japan and surrounded countries

Kyoichi Otsuki

Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University

March 7

Orthoimagery for Hawaii and the US Pacific Basin

Anthony Kimmet

Acting National Imagery Leader, USDA-NRCS-National Geospatial Management Center

March 12

From Cultural to Perceptual to Humanist Geography

Yi-Fu Tuan

Emeritus Professor, University of Wisconsin–Madison

March 13

Enchanting the Desert: Henry Peabody's 1902 Narrated Slideshows of the Grand Canyon

Nicholas Bauch

Lecturer, Stanford University

March 14

Spatial Autocorrelation is Everywhere

Daniel Griffith

Ashbel Smith Professor of GIS, School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences, The University of Texas at Dallas

April 4

Patterns of wastewater infrastructure across a metropolitan coastal region

Danielle Spirandelli

Assistant Professor, Department of Urban & Regional Planning & SeaGrant Affiliate, UH Manoa

April 18

Island Vulnerabilities

John Campbell

Associate Professor, Geography Programme at the University of Waikato, New Zealand

April 25 (Cancelled)

Plant community ecology goes underground: putting mycorrhizae on the map

Nicole Hynson

Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, UH Manoa