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Alison Rieser, Professor

Degree: LL.M., Yale Law School, 1990

Office Location: Saunders 440
Phone Number: (808) 956-8467
Fax Number:
Email: rieser@hawaii.edu
Website: alisonrieser.com


LL.M:Yale Law School, 1990

J.D.: cum laude, George Washington University Law School, 1976

B.Sc.: (Human Ecology), Cornell University, 1973.

Courses Taught

GEOG 435 - Political Geography of Oceans

GEOG 423 - Human Dimensions of the Coastal Ocean

GEOG 492 - Practicum in Geography: UH@SEA (field course in marine conservation)

GEOG 621 - Coastal Planning and Management

GEOG 758 - Research Seminar: Coral Reef Conservation

SOCS/OEST 735 - Ocean Policy and Management (core course of the Graduate Ocean Policy Certificate Program)


My research fields are marine area governance; law of the sea; marine conservation law and policy (marine fisheries and endangered species); and marine environmental history. I take an interdisciplinary approach focusing on the interface between science and policymaking in governance institutions.

Honors Received:

Marine Policy & Ocean Management Fellow, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1977-1980 Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation, 1999-2002 Dai Ho Chun Distinguished Prof., UHM College of Social Sciences, 2005-2007 Professor Emerita, Univ. Maine School of Law, 2006 - present


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  • “Saving Salmo: Federalism and the Conservation of Maine’s Atlantic Salmon,” in B. Thompson and K. Arha, eds. Federalism and the Endangered Species Act, London, UK: RFF/EARTHSCAN (forthcoming, 2011).

    “Whales, Whaling, and the Warming Oceans,” in W.H. Rodgers, ed., Climate Change: A Reader, Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press (forthcoming, 2010).

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