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Hong Jiang, Associate Professor

Degree: Ph.D. Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1997.

Office Location:437 Saunders Hall
Phone Number: (808) 956-8164
Fax Number: (808) 956-3512
Email: hjiang@hawaii.edu


Ph.D., Geography, Clark University. 1997.

M.A.,Geography, Clark University. 1994.

M.S. Geography, Beijing Normal University, China. 1988.

B.S. Geography, Beijing Normal University, China. 1985.

Courses Taught

GEOG 102 - World Regional Geography

GEOG 330 - Culture and Environment

GEOG 353 - Geography of China

GEOG 468 - (new course number pending) – Special Topics in “Env, Science, Politics”

GEOG 757 - Graduate Seminar: Cultural Geography


Cultural geography of the environment, perception of nature, environmental ideology and politics; minority people and resource use in China, ideas of nature in Chinese thought


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