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Reece Jones, Associate Professor and Graduate Chair

Degree: PhD 2008 University of Wisconsin at Madison, Geography

Office Location: 412 Saunders Hall
Phone Number: (808) 956-7683
Fax Number:
Email: reecej@hawaii.edu



Ph.D.: 2008 University of Wisconsin at Madison, Geography

MS.: 2004 University of Wisconsin at Madison, Geography

BS.: 1998 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Biology

Courses Taught

GEOG 151 - Human Geography and Contemporary Society

GEOG 335 - Politics, Nations, and States

GEOG 695 - Concepts and Theories in Geography

GEOG 735 - Seminar in Political Geography


I am a political geographer and I study the changing role political boundaries play in the contemporary world. My current research investigates the global trend towards hardened political borders with an emphasis on border fencing projects in the United States, Israel, and India. Beyond the immediate physical and symbolic consequences of the barriers, I am interested in theorizing what the securitization of border spaces means for conceptions of territory, sovereignty, and the state.



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